This page is all about the Law of Ueki Fanon Wiki.

Policies listed here are for usage in articles. Unless stated, they must be followed across the wiki, without exceptions.

As you know, all wikis have a manual of style which they follow in order to maintain clean and neatly organized articles. Law of Ueki Fanon Wiki has a style that it uses to keep pages looking in a similar fashion. Below are some of the guidelines that we use here for such purposes. Please take your time to read and follow the guidelines as closely as possible as you edit any and all pages.

Headings should have the first letter of every word capitalized, except for prepositions e.g. "of" or "in." Article headings are standardized.


Characters Edit

All character pages should begin (if applicable) with a meaningful quote by the character that describes his/her personality. Then it should have a 1-2 sentence general description and the following headings should be used in order if needed:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History (If Applicable)
  • Abilities (if Applicable)
  • Equipment (if Applicable)
  • Relationships (if Applicable)
  • Trivia
  • Quotes
  • Major Battles
  • References
  • Navigation

Besides this, the following templates should be used:


If you wish to make an article about a team, use the following setup:

  • Overview
  • Creation
  • Members

Its template should be: Template:Team Infobox. You can also use this template for an organization page.


Powers pages should have the type of power, its user and the following headings:

  • Description
  • Level Two (if Applicable)
  • References


Fights pages should have its participants and the following headings should be used in order:

  • Prologue
  • Battle
  • Aftermath
  • References
  • Navigation


Chapter pages should have a short summary of the chapter (without a heading) and the following headings should be used in order:

  • Summary
  • Characters In Order of Appearance
  • Fights
  • Powers & Abilities used
    • Powers used
    • Abilities used
    • Armors used
    • Weapons used
    • Items used
  • Navigation

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